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We are a complete "head to toe," state-of-the-art orthopedic service facility.
We also fill prescription for special custom built prothesis for upper and lower extremities (restoration by artificial replacement). Also custom-built orthosis (supporting or correction by bracing).
We make special arrangements to visit patients at home or at the hospital.
Myoelectrically Controlled Below-Elbow Protheses
A prerequisite for fitting with a myoelectrically controlled below-elbow prosthesis is the fact that adequate muscle action potentials for control of the terminal device are available. These potentials are picked up by the electrodes, amplified, and transmitted as signals to the relay switch.
The illustrated types of prostheses (a-d) offer different constructions for
the pronation and supination movements of the terminal device.
Other Types of Protheses and Orthosis
                        Wrist Hand Extension                               ICEROSS Comfort and two color, ICEFLEX 
                                                                                  Endourance, ICEX socket and MASTERSTEP foot.
New TT Pylon
New TT Pylon

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